How to Minimize Variance in Your Poker Hands

Poker is one of the most challenging games to play, and even with a winning strategy you are going to lose money a good amount of the time. The main reason is variance, which is a combination of random bad luck and the fact that you are gambling. Fortunately, it is possible to minimize variance by playing smart and learning from your mistakes.

Having the right mindset is essential for poker success. This means being disciplined, persevering, and keeping your emotions in check when things don’t go your way. You should also remember why you started playing poker. Chances are it wasn’t for the money, and if you only want to make a living from this game, there are better ways to do it.

To maximize your profits, you should only play against players that you have a skill edge over. This means choosing the appropriate limits and game formats. You should also be willing to take a break if you aren’t having fun.

A good poker player knows when to call, raise, or fold. They know how to read other players’ body language, and they are always looking for a profitable situation. While it is tempting to bluff with pocket jacks or suited connectors when out of position, you need patience and the ability to wait for a strong hand. Getting involved in bad hands will only put you at a disadvantage. This is why it’s important to keep track of your losses and wins over time.

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