Key Concepts in Poker

There are a few key concepts that every poker player should know and be well aware of. This includes knowing the order of poker hands, how to calculate frequencies, and having a solid grasp of game theory. Frequency calculations become easier to do with practice, and EV estimation becomes an intuitive component of your decision making over time.

Another important concept is understanding the importance of position. This is how you can control the size of the pot that you are a part of. The key is to be able to read your opponent’s position and adjust your actions accordingly.

When a player has the advantage of being in late position, they can bet more easily and have the ability to make larger value bets than those who are in early position. This also allows players to bluff more effectively.

Keep Your Hands a Secret

One of the most important aspects of the game is keeping your cards out of sight and not giving away any information about their strength to other players. Expert poker players know how to hide their tells, which are unconscious physical signs that can give other players clues as to the strength of a player’s hand. This is called playing your cards “close to the vest.” By keeping your cards face down or at least very close to your chest, you can prevent other players from getting a good idea of how strong your hand is.

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